6 Responses to Synthetic biology, ethics and the hacker culture

  1. […] J. Craig Venter Institute is racing ahead towards creating the first artificial bacteria, and “biohackers” are learning how to re-engineer life at an increasingly rapid […]

  2. […] Synthetic biology, ethics and the hacker culture " 2020 Science […]

  3. […] Synthetic biology, ethics and the hacker culture […]

  4. Daisy hacker says:

    I’m interested in the ethics of ‘biohacking’ If you are doing anything bigger then bactiria, it could be a potential ethical problem. However, that’s the kind of tricky stuff that would be interesting to do. I really liked this artical, it gave a lot of great links, and some good info.

  5. Andrew Maynard says:

    Thanks Daisy Hacker. The science and technology might still be beyond the reach of aspiring “biohackers,” but the possibilities here are intriguing – and raise a lot of questions.

  6. […] biology for the technologically marginalized Last June I wrote a short piece on biohacking, prompted by a UK report on the social and ethical challenges of synthetic biology.  At the time, […]

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